Windscreen Chip Repair

Vehicle windscreen chip repairs in Ferndown, Dorset

Wessex Windscreens don't just carry out full windscreen replacements, we can professionally and effectively repair the minor damage to your windscreen, saving you time (if you had to wait for the windscreen to be replaced, and wait for the car to be safe to drive again, typically 2-3 hours)

Most windscreens that require a full replacement, have normally at some stage sustained a small stone being flicked up off the road, by the vehicle in front. The end result is normally a small star shaped crack or a bulls eye mark, in the top layer of glass in the windscreen. If this is left untreated, the damage will usually develop in to a long crack, a windscreen with a long crack cannot be repaired, however if caught early enough, the minor damage in the glass can be repaired with a very simple process of injecting an acrylic resin directly into the damage, then curing the resin under a high frequency ultra violet lamp, we can carry out this service at your home on your driveway or we can come to you at work.

We give a lifetime no quibbles guarantee on all our repairs against the windscreen cracking out, typically a repair will be an 90-95% visual improvement, we never say the repair will be invisible , but a 100% improvement in the strength will be achieved once the full repair process has been carried out.

A typical chipped windscreen can be repaired in around half an hour and you can drive the car straight away.

If you have fully comprehensive car insurance with glass cover, we can usually repair your windscreen at no cost to you (a handful of insurers require a small excess). In the rare instance we cannot bill your insurer directly, you can recover the cost of the repair from your insurer simply by submitting them our invoice.

All our chip repairs are guaranteed to pass the MOT test.

Simply call us direct. No call centres or long waiting times. In many cases, we can arrange to repair your windscreen the same day.

Why choose us for your windscreen repairs?

  • Stone chip repairs are at no cost to you, as we can bill most major insurance companies
  • We process your windscreen insurance claim from start to finish, handling all documentation and contact with your insurance company
  • We offer a flexible service and cover a 50 mile radius of Ferndown, with no call out charge

If the damage is too extensive and requires a windscreen replacement, then we can do this for you. We can also replace side and rear windows.

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    If you need a friendly and reliable windscreen chip repair or replacement, then we're the company for you. Regardless of what you may need repairing or replacing, we guarantee competitive quotes with no hidden charges.

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  • Areas Covered

    We cover a 50 mile radius of Ferndown and cater for vans and cars of all makes and models.